Sending Samples for preliminary Work-up or clinical PGD

We encourage you to contact us at any time with questions or concerns while preparing blood samples, preparing for blastomere biopsy or during the biopsy.

Remember, PGD for single gene diserders is quite different from analysis for chromosomes, where DNA contamination is not a problem. Because of being a DNA based procedure, contamination can cause a misdiagnosis. The biopsy technique used at your IVF center should be evaluated to assure that a result can be obtained and contamination is not introduced into the specimen.

Before sending your first case, schedule a sample trial that we can analyze. We will provide feedback and suggestions for improved technique when indicated.

The method of entering the zona pelucida has not been shown to affect the analysis, slit, acid Tyrodes, or laser are all acceptable. It is important to visually confirm that an intact blastomer has been placed into the lyses buffer.

If the blastomer is disrupted during biopsy, wash or transfer into lyses buffer a second blastomer should be biopsied, placed in a separate tube and labeled (as a second cell). The embryo should be marked as possibly contaminated.

Whenever you have a question or concern, do not hesitate to contact GENOMA.