GENOMA tests chromosomes X, Y, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 21 and 22. This is based on trisomies arriving to term (XY,13,18,21), common in spontaneous abortions (16,22,15,21) and most common aneuploidies found in day 3 embryos (22,16,21,15,17). Aneuploidy screening can be also performed in combination with PGD for single gene disorders (by using PCR) and/or HLA matching, PGD for cancer predisposition and PGD for late on-set disorders, as well as in combination with PGD for translocation.

In addition, for those cells with questionable results, we reanalyze with telomeric probes, which bind to a different locus, and therefore may discriminate probe overlaps or split signals, thus reducing our error rate to very low levels.

Laboratory time is 6-12 hours after sample arrival; perhaps longer if a third round of telomeric probes is needed.

We can accommodate requests for additional analysis of other chromosomes not involved in the standard test.
For preparing and scheduling a PGD case please follow our "PGD for aneuploidy information booklet".

For more info on PGD for Aneuploidy Screening please click here.