Genoma has a Research group whose duty is to guarantee continuous updating regarding the most recent technological and scientific advances, so as to "translate" into operative reality the most recent scientific acquisitions in various sectors.

Our R & D team or researcher is internationally-recognized for their innovative work in this field. It's fair to say that our research - and our researchers - have revolutionized PGD procedure around the world and continue to do so today.

We commit more than 10% of our revenues to research aimed directly at improving genetic analysis techniques and PGD results.

The results of our scientific activity consist in publication of several book chapters and peer reviewed publications as well as presentations at national and international meetings in the fields of genetics, prenatal diagnosis and reproductive genetics. Genoma’s authoritative work has and still makes major contributions to the improvement and higher specificity of PGD in a competitive and constantly expanding field.

Below are links to research papers by GENOMA’s scientists that have been published in scientific journals. 
Please note that full text of these articles is freely available on-line in our web-site.