PGD involves genetic testing of the oocytes and/or embryos obtained by undergoing IVF.

IVF is an assisted reproductive procedure where fertilization of the egg occurs outside of the body in a controlled setting.

The oocyte (egg) is removed from the woman’s ovary and is placed with the male’s sperm.

If the sperm fertilizes the egg, the fertilized egg (zygote) begins to divide. The genetic status of the embryo(s) can be determined before the embryo(s) is/are transferred into the uterus.

The following procedures are necessary when undergoing PGD:

- Ovulation induction
- Oocyte aspiration
- Fertilization and Embryo Culture
- Polar body removal and/or blastomere biopsy
- Preimplantation Genetic - Diagnosis in blastomeres
- Embryo transfer and implantation